Here at the Barefoot Books Studios we love to read My Mama Earth, so it was only natural that we incorporated some of the great watercolour illustrations into an inspired craft. Read on for instructions on how to make your own tropical fish with brilliant features.

what to find

• Paper Plate

• Scissors

• Markers, paints, watercolours, crayons, or other colouring supplies

• Mod Podge or PVA glue (Optional)

what to do

1. To do this craft you will need a paper plate, scissors, and colouring supplies. Any size paper plate will do, and different sizes will help you create both big and little fish.

2. Start by creating the fin and tail. Cut triangles into the rim of the plate on three sides. Don’t worry about cutting neatly here; the more unique your triangles are, the more texture they will give the fish.

3. On the fourth side of the plate, cut the rim off completely. Then cut a small triangle into the plate to make the mouth.

4. And now comes the fun part — decorating! You can use anything from markers and crayons to watercolours, tempura paints, or even oil pastels. The more colourful the better! Hint: See what happens when you draw with crayons or oil pastels first and then paint with watercolour!

5. Optional: To give your fish a bit of under-the-sea shine, we recommend using a découpage sealant like Mod Podge or PVA glue. Just apply a thin layer, let it dry, and you’re done!




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