We’ve seen books being giving as gifts wrapped up in so many creative ways. From a simple brown paper wrap with a bright red bow on top to a full book basket that includes hot chocolate, tea, mugs and a blanket, giving books as gifts is a fun way to share your love of literature with loved ones in your life.

Here are some creative ways that members of the Barefoot community wrap up books for particularly special and meaningful gift-giving. We received these ideas from you on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to check out our ‘Seasons Readings’ board on Pinterest for other fun ideas!

  • I always write a little note on the inside cover of the book with the year and occasion. I also love doing little book themed gift packages, too. Puzzles, play sets, or plush toys are great to include with a book on the same topic. For baby gifts, I like to make little “story time snuggle packs” containing a few of my favorite board books, a cozy baby blanket, and a sleep sack or cute PJs. –Lauren
  • We always inscribe the fly leaf of any book. Last year was my Arthur’s first Christmas and I wanted him to have them (the books) forever and to see the inscription, “For Arthur on your first Christmas with love from Mummy and Daddy.” –Catriona
  • When I gave my daughter a book for her 10th birthday, I wrote an inscription and made a special bookmark for her. — @MommyPoppinsBos
  • A book is always exciting…no jazzing up needed! We have a nice Christmas tradition, every Christmas eve my girls get to open one present, a holiday book that we read before bed. For friends I like to do the themed gift basket. — Karen
  • No wrapping but an inscription – why I chose the book for them or what they’ll love about it. I only give books I’ve read! – @Firdosritesrong
  • I put together a book about farm with some soft farm animals for my 9 months old! – Carine
  • I like to give books and CDs for baby gifts, birthday, and holiday gifts. I always inscribe them with a personal note and sign and date them. I never have to worry about sizes – books are for all ages. – Mary Lou
  • For children, I love to pair books with puppets for extended imagination-driven play. For kids and adults, I am fond of giving a specially chosen book and a gift card so the recipient can pick a couple titles out for themselves. Books make great gift card holders! – Nichole

What’s your favorite way to wrap up books?


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