It is always fascinating to follow the journeys books make once they have come into the world. One thing you can guarantee in advance is that their journeys will be unpredictable.

This applies to  the illustrations and text just as much as to the books as complete entities in themselves. For example, I would never have predicted that the cover art from I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE would be used by a Japanese software company to advertise its wares on huge hoardings across the country. I would never have guessed that several pages of our 2012 catalogue would be adopted for use in a comprehension text in an exercise book published by W.H. Smith. Nor would I have known ahead of time that Jackie Morris’s illustration for ‘The Land of Counterpane’, by Robert Louis Stevenson, would be reproduced mural-size by a small library in Lincoln to decorate its children’ s section – but here it is.

I love to hear stories of how Barefoot Books and their contents appear in unexpected places so if you have seen any examples of this, let me know!

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