This time last year, I was present-hunting in Exmouth Market, London, when I came across an enchanting selection of hand-woven cotton toys. When I noticed that they had been produced by a company called Barefoot Ceylon, I was even more intrigued. I bought two of the animals as Christmas gifts for Nancy and her husband Marty.

Then, inĀ  January ,when we were exchanging news, Nancy told me that she too had come across the same toys on a visit to her family in Toronto. Small world…

This December, visitors to our Oxford studio can also enjoy some of the Barefoot Ceylon range of animals. We have bought in a colourful selection of lions, camels, giraffes, ponies, mice, dragons. All of them are hand-made by women in Ceylon, using natural yarns and safe, eco-friendly dyes. As you can see, the founder of Barefoot Ceylon, Barbara Sansoni, has a passion for colour, just like us!

Lions in a line
If tigers can have stripes, so can elephants
Meet some merry mice
Ponies on Parade

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