For more than 100 years, people have been giving books to loved ones as gifts. Books are a wonderfully thoughtful way to thoughtfully tell someone you care. When you inscribe the books and wrap them up with add a personal message, the lucky recipients will enjoy complimentary goodies to enjoy with the book (think hot chocolate), and remember you every time they open the book.

Here are some ways to customize books as gifts. Are you giving Barefoot Books this festive season? If so, we’d love to see a picture of a young one enjoying the their Barefoot present. Please send photographs to us at and they may end up in an upcoming post. Thank you!


Inscriptions are for Anyone. Whether you are giving a child a picture book or an adult a novel, writing a personal note helps remind the recipient that his/her gift was thoughtfully carefully chosen for this specific occasion. Children and adults alike are apt to find the book years later and remember the thoughtfulness of your gift, as well as the personal connections they had with you, the inscriber! the giver.


Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to write. Many gift-givers choose to include a meaningful quote from the book to help illustrate why s/he chose that book to give. Others choose to recall a personal shared memory or an optimistic hopeful message. No matter what you write, make sure it’s something the recipient can relate to. Adding the date is also a nice touch and helps the reader remember the occasion that warranted such a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Still stumped on what to write? eHow has a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a thoughtful inscription message for any occasion:


Many people inscribe the book write on the inside cover or the title page. There is minimal visual impact this way and since it’s the first page the recipient sees, your personalized message becomes an integral (and indelible) part of the book.


Christmas, Chanukah, other holidays, graduations, birthdays, new babies—any occasion is the perfect time to write a personal message to someone in a book.


“Book Riot” blogger Kim Ukura puts it nicely: ‘An inscription gives a book weight entirely outside how the reader will feel after reading it. A book suddenly has meaning above and beyond, “I think you’d really like this story.” ‘

What do you like to write or draw in books that you give to others?


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