We’re in the thick of the festive season and were wondering how families celebrate this time of year. We asked our friends on our Facebook page and were so excited by all of the responses (nearly 100!) that we wanted to share some of them them all with you. Read on for some favorites!
Getting Ready

  • “To invoke memories of my childhood Christmases, I walk through the Christmas decoration area at stores, and the smells of certain decorations take me back in my mind, to when I was young, and my grandmother would decorate the tree, and wrap the gifts. I could smell those decorations and wrapping paper, they had their own defining scent smell. I will never forget it! My grandmother is now eighty-five years old, and can hardly wrap because her hands are so arthritic, but I remember. Oh, how I remember those Christmases of days long gone!”― Rhonda
  • “Solstice dinner and solstice stockings”― Jess
  • “Cutting down the Christmas tree, then hot chocolate or apple cider…and then bagging up the “broken” toys to put under the tree for Santa to take and repair (this tradition started with my oldest son)”― Liz
  • “Driving from Boston 1,300 miles to see family and friends in Florida! With a three-year-old and the dog in tow, it’s sure to be an adventure!”―Nina
  • “Celebrating winter solstice. We take the time for a nature walk in the dark”—Julia

Christmas Eve:

  • “Making a Christmas tree for the wildlife in our backyard: strings of cranberries and popcorn, ornaments made of birdseed, corn for the deer (cut corn on the cob, cut into slices and hung as ornaments, etc.) then watching the next morning to see how much is gone and nibbled away”―Melanie
  • “Waiting for Santa to leave us an old-fashioned Coke and orange clementine in our stockings!”― Megan
  • “Playing board games with my family on Christmas Eve”― Jeanne

Christmas Day:

  • “Getting everyone in the car to see the Christmas nights, while delivering our homemade Chex Mix and Cookies”—Therese
  • “Yorkshire pudding. My husband makes it every year and it’s to die for!”―Alison

Giving Back:

  • Going up to our church to help with ‘Christmas is for Caring’, where we share the true meaning of Christmas as well as giving toys to children and food to the families”—Annette
  • “I started a wonderful tradition this year. After Thanksgiving, I brought all the pumpkins and gourds I had up to the nature trails where I run. I couldn’t bear the thought of putting them in the dumpster, so I brought them to the woods. Back from whence they came!”— Jillian
  • “Polar Express pajama party with the children in our Pre K program (approx 100) where we wear our PJs, watch The Polar Express, and have hot chocolate, popcorn and cookies. The children receive their own Christmas bell. We also collect pairs of PJs to give to those in need”—Michelle

What do you do in your home to celebrate the midwinter season? Please let us know here or send a photo to publicity@barefootbooks.com. We’d love to see!

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