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This week’s podcast features Niall, the son of King Eochaid, who wishes to free his mother, Cairenn, from slavery. Although King Eochaid could not make Cairenn his wife, he honors Niall equally as one of his sons. But who will succeed Eochaid as king — one of Queen Mongfind’s sons, or Niall? Be sure to tune in to see if Niall proves his worth against his half-brothers.

In this story, Niall shows level-headedness during times of crises. What traits do you admire in leaders? You’ll be entered to win a copy of Tales from Celtic Lands when you comment below!  The contest closes 6 November at midnight EST and 7 November at 5am GMT.

Here are some facts about the Goddess of the Land:

  • Ériu was a Gaelic goddess.
  • She was the matron goddess of Ireland and goddess of sovereignty.
  • Éire, the modern Irish word for “Ireland,” comes from the word Ériu.
  • The meaning of Ériu stems from a Pre-Celtic word meaning “abundant land.”


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