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This week’s podcast comes from Hungary. In “The Taltos Horse,” a king wishes to be reunited with his old friend. When the king’s eldest sons fail to find his friend, his youngest son sets out to complete the journey with the Taltos horse. Together, they cross three bridges, slay dragons and face demons. Be sure to tune in to find out if they are able to return home safely!

In this story, the two sons are prevented from crossing bronze and silver bridges. What’s an obstacle that you’ve had to overcome? You’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of Magic Hoofbeats when you comment below! The contest closes October 9 at midnight EST and October 10 at 5am GMT.

Here are some fun facts about the taltos:

  • The taltos were Hungarian shamans who had direct contact with God, and tried to improve society both physically and spiritually.
  • They could be male or female, and were born with extra fingers or teeth!
  • Only the taltos could see the real power hidden behind the ridiculed taltos horses.
  • The true form of taltos horses could include five or six legs and could have gold, silver or copper hair.

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