This post celebrates the safe arrival into the world on Thursday 27 September of Seth and Jasper. These twin baby boys are the first grandchildren of Kathryn White, creator of our imaginative young heroine Ruby (as in Ruby’s School Walk and Ruby’s Sleepover), so I like to think I can appropriate them as Barefoot Babies.

When Kathryn shared this news with me, I couldn’t help noticing how she was bracing herself for their later years: ‘double trouble’, she told me, and ‘identical twins always have that impish side’. Do they now? I didn’t know any identical twins when I was growing up, but a close friend at Penguin Books was an identical twin, and she definitely had some delightfully impish qualities.

Whatever else twinhood is about, for the parent, it is certainly about double everything. I haven’t been able to identify the author of these lines, but I am sure every parent of twins will identify with them!

Double joy, double fun,
double bottles, double sun.
Double kisses, double hugs,
double diapers, double tugs.
Double bottles, double wishes,
double laundry, double dishes.
Double troubles, double dressings,
Double bubbles, double blessings.

Many congratulations to you, Kathryn, and to your daughter Suzy, Mum of Seth and Jasper. May your lives be filled with many double delights!

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