Meet Jennifer – a new-to-the-team Barefoot Books Ambassador! Read on to get her full story.

“Something I read on one of the forums right at the start keeps coming back to me: We’re not just selling books; we’re selling reading. Reading opens up the world to a child, and I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m doing an important, worthwhile job in introducing kids and their parents to our fantastic books.”

Name: Jennifer Baird

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Family stats: Luca (7), Mia (5) and Danny (2). They are going through Gaelic-medium education. Even though we have no family background in Gaelic, my older two are quickly becoming bilingual (and I am hopelessly trying to keep up with their language skills!). I am a part-time parental adviser for Gaelic education in my local area, which is great as I can pick my own hours, just like Barefoot. The two roles fit together very well.

I’ve only been an Ambassador since June, but my kids are devouring the books so far. They now ask specifically for me to read them “a Barefoot book”, as opposed to just any old book! I think they know the books are something special.

Why Barefoot: I’ve never thought of myself as a salesperson before, but promoting our gorgeous books is a pleasure rather than a hard task. I feel more enthusiastic about them with each new title that I read. The philosophy that runs through the books – caring for the planet, respecting differences, learning about far-off places – just mirrors the way I want to bring up my own children. Their eyes are being opened to other cultures and how to tread gently on the earth. It’s obvious that a huge amount of care has gone into picking the titles, and of course the lush illustrations.

It’s the perfect job for me at this point in my life. My own business, with tons of support from my Barefoot “family” – you all seem like a really nice lot out there! School-run-friendly hours so I can be there for my children – and above all, amazing books which I believe enrich the lives of every child that encounters them.

Favorite success story: I’ve only done a few events so far but am pleased to just start getting myself out there and becoming known. I almost felt surprised when people started to come up to me and buy books: “Hey, it *works!*”, I thought! I am enjoying the online aspect of selling Barefoot too, and am happy to have set up and my accompanying Facebook page,, which is a lot of fun and getting more attention every day.

All in the family: My 7-year-old son absolutely *insisted* on coming along to my first event – a stall at a baby sale – and there was no talking him out of it! I was worried he’d be bored after an hour or so but no, he talked to customers, made sales and in quieter moments, sat engrossed in a book from the stall – no better accolade for the books than that!

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