It’s time for a new sneak peek into Autumn at Barefoot! What sorts of adventures await you this autumn? Read on to find out about a few of the new season’s books!

Slip on your dancing shoes and escape into the shimmery night with Hans Andersen’s twelve royal sisters. Together with Miss Clara’s dazzling illustrations in mixed media, Mary Hoffman’s wonderful retelling of this classic fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, follows the adventures of the intrepid soldier who uncovers the mystery behind the princesses’ worn out slippers.

In The Kite Princess, author Juliet Clare Bell introduces Princess Cinnamon Stitch, a tomboy who is far from inclined to abide by the rules of courtly life. Find out how she proves to her parents that life is more than being tied to the etiquette of courtly conduct. Laura-Kate Chapman’s illustrations are rich with detailed textile patterns and the book includes instructions on how to make your own kite. Written in rhyming couplets, this picture book is a companion to The Prince’s Bedtime.

Leiv is back with his Inuit friends Apuluk and Narua for another adventure in this second volume of Inuk Quartet, The Raiders, by acclaimed Danish author Jørn Riel. When Viking warriors arrive at their isolated farmstead, the trio must protect their new home by relying on their wits, courage and friendship. Find out how they triumph against the odds in an action-packed sequence of events, all of them beautifully captured by illustrator Helen Cann.

Pre-publication review: “The translated narrative reads smoothly, and high production values result in a handsome, open page design. Its visual appeal is enhanced by Cann’s stylized but crisply drawn and richly colored images of arctic wildlife and fur-clad human residents” – Kirkus Review

In the third volume of the Inuk Quartet, The Snowstorm, Leiv, Narua, Apuluk and Sølvi are off to a new adventure heading north to Helluland across the ice, but a terrible blizzard and a sudden kidnapping disrupt their journey. Jørn Riel’s compelling voice and Helen Cann’s stylized artwork illuminate the beauty of Inuit culture and of the northern landscape.

Pre-publication review: ”Fledgling readers will enjoy this simply told, visually appealing historical tale” – Kirkus Review

We can’t wait to hear what you think. Autumn is on the way…!

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