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This week’s podcast comes from the book Grandmothers’ Stories.  In this Irish tale, a widow and her daughter are so tired from a day’s work, they forget to pour out the water they washed their feet with before they go to bed. Feetwater spirits invade their home, making a lot of noise and mischief. Tune in to find out what advice the Wise Woman gives the daughter to get rid of these wild spirits!

In “Go Ask the Wise Woman,” the widow and her daughter soothed their aching feet in warm water to relax. What are some of your favorite ways to relax? Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of Grandmothers’ Stories!

Here are some fun facts about water spirits in Ireland:

  • In this tale, the feetwater spirits’ idea of fun is to spin wool into yarn!
  • Selkies, or Roane, can shed their seal skin to take a female human form.
  • Kelpies are water horses whose manes are constantly dripping.
  • Similar to Selkies, Swan Maidens can switch between swan and human form, sometimes having to perform heroic tasks to escape the fate of being trapped in one form forever.
  • Merrows are the Irish equivalent of mermaids.

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