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Today’s podcast is a French tale about a king and a queen who cannot have children, so they adopt a white rat. One day, a magician comes to the kingdom and transforms the rat into a princess, but he tells the king and queen that he cannot change the princess’ true self. Tune in to find out what true self the princess has!

In “The White Rat,” the white rat is given special privileges, like sitting on the king’s throne or going horseback riding with the queen. What are some activities you like to do with your pets? Leave a comment below and you could win a copy of Tales of Wisdom and Wonder!

Here are some fun facts about rats:

  • People have kept pet rats since the late 19th century.
  • Rats have the ability to learn.
  • In Norway, some rats were trained to detect landmines and diagnose tuberculosis by smell.
  • The rat is the first animal of twelve in the Chinese zodiac.

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