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This week’s podcast comes from the book Tales from Old Ireland. In “The Twelve Wild Geese,” a Queen wants a daughter so badly, she offers to give up her twelve sons. An old woman turns the sons to geese as punishment for the selfish wish, but Princess Bevin is determined to save her brothers from their feathery fate. Tune in to find out if she can keep quiet for five years while she weaves twelve shirts!

In “The Twelve Wild Geese,” Bevin is the Queen’s thirteenth child, so the Queen is superstitious that bad luck would make her wish come true. Do you have any superstitions? Comment below and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Tales from Old Ireland!

Here are some fun facts about geese:

  • A male goose is called a gander, while a female is still called goose.
  • There are three types of geese: grey, white, and black (also known as Canada geese) .
  • When gathered in a group on the ground, they can be referred to as a gaggle.
  • There have been different species of geese in North America for over 10 million years!

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