Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to another Barefoot Books Ambassador. Read on to find out how she is Living Barefoot!

“I feel like we are part of a world movement, spreading peace through reading books that enhance our understanding of different cultures and peoples.”

Name: Shirin Shamsi

Family Stats: Mother of three children. They are all grown college students now.  I live with my husband and mother-in-law.

Why Barefoot: I joined because the Barefoot Books philosophy really appeals to me.  I want to ‘save’ the world like any other mother out there!  Barefoot Books is part of a grassroots movement which I absolutely love.  It allows me to be involved in my community and contribute to the lives of children ―even if it is a few moments of story time.  The Barefoot Books message is all about connecting with our fellow human beings; it creates a sense of belonging, it connects us all on a human level.  Barefoot Books allows us to be part of a wonderful and growing community of people who simply want to be in harmony with their world and each other. All my family know that I was meant to be a Barefoot Books Ambassador, it is just so ME!

Biggest Success Story: I don’t have a particular success story but what I most enjoy about conducting my Barefoot business is reading to children in schools and daycare centers; reading to my nieces and nephews; and getting parcels of books in the mail ― there is an indescribable joy in receiving a parcel of newly published books in the mail (every booklover can relate, I am sure!) ; and then of course, reading the new books, meeting new people with similar interests.

There are so many books I enjoy but I know a little girl who throws the temper tantrums ― and when I read Emily’s Tiger to her, she could relate to it. She wanted me to read it over and over again. My nephew’s son loves Catch that Goat - he is only one year old, but he loves searching for the goat on every page.

All in the Family: During their time off, my children have helped in labeling, setting up, and taking down book fairs. During the school year I take an hour each morning to make phone calls and check or write emails, all related to my Barefoot business. I conduct story-time a few times each week. I also have consistently had one or two book fairs per month since last fall. I take time off in the summer to be with my family because that’s when our children return from college.

Top Tip: I came to Barefoot as a former pre-school teacher. I have always worked with children, and gave up work to raise my own.  When they left for college, I felt a need to connect with my community once again, and I am so glad that I became a Barefoot Books Ambassador because it has opened so many doors for me.  I have made friends and connections that I will always cherish.  I feel like we are part of a world movement, spreading peace through reading books that enhance our understanding of different cultures and peoples.  It is a very noble cause! I have no business skills – all I know is that I love these books and have a passionate desire to share them with friends, family and future friends! I feel like I’m really spreading the Barefoot message one person at a time, and it is a joyful journey.


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