Here is another story of our Ambassador! Read on to get a full view of Sheila’s Barefoot lifestyle.

“It’s a good way for my daughter to understand that Mama’s job is sometimes outside of the house, and this is what Mama does!”

Name: Sheila Magovern

Family Stats: Mother and homemaker. My daughter Alice has a big appetite for books (at the moment, she loves The Princess and the White Bear King). We live in Massachusetts and have two cats.

Why Barefoot: I’d never heard of Barefoot but last year I came across the calendar for the Barefoot Books Studio in Concord, Massachusetts. I have a three-year-old daughter so I brought her to a story time and we had a great time. I researched Barefoot online and discovered the Ambassador program there. I had just left my full time job and was looking for something to do that could be fulfilling but with little time restriction that could dovetail with my family commitments. The Ambassador program really appealed to me because it allowed me to start an independent business and be in touch with great books.

Favorite Success Story: I really like being able to get the books into the hands of kids. The kids get so excited about them. When I do book fairs, I’ll be out in the hallway and kids will come by, saying “The book fair lady! The book fair lady!” That’s when I get the most joy from being an Ambassador. I’m not doing it to get rich, my goal is to get these books to as many kids as I can. It took me a long time to feel successful…I didn’t meet with much customer enthusiasm in my first six months. Then a preschool called me to see if I’d run a book fair at the school, and I discovered how much I love doing book fairs. Now that I’ve found that niche, I’m consistently busy doing something I find extremely fulfilling.

All in the Family: My husband has been on board with me doing something intellectually stimulating that gives me adult interaction. He is my sounding board in making important decisions about the business, and he handles child care when I have events booked. I also try to involve my daughter as much as possible. She is quite young so she can’t be involved too much, but when I get an order of books in, she is often there to open the package and she grabs a few for herself to start reading right then and there. When I can manage it, she comes with me to set up book fairs. On days she doesn’t come with me, she asks “How was your book fair?” over dinner. In typical toddler fashion, she is very proud to be my helper. I am very open to having my daughter see where I work. I always wanted to see where my parents worked and what they did for jobs, so this is a good way for my daughter to understand that mama’s job is sometimes outside of the house too and this is what mama does!

Top Tip: To start-up Ambassadors, I would say consistency and perseverance are key. I went through a period last year when I was frustrated about not getting calls back or being rejected. But I started getting responses after a while and now I have events planned for every month. So don’t be afraid to hear “no”! These books are worth having, and it won’t take long to find people who get that, if you just keep asking.

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