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Today’s podcast comes from “The Colt Qeytas” in the book, Magic Hoofbeats. In this Iranian story, the prince’s trusted horse helps him escape an evil stepmother. The prince disguises himself as a gardener in a neighboring kingdom, and wins the heart of the youngest princess. Tune in to find out if the king will allow his daughter to marry a raggedy gardener!

In this story, the king needs soup from a golden bird to cure his illness. What are some of your trusted home remedies when your family gets sick? Answer below and you will be entered to win a copy of Magic Hoofbeats!

Here are some fun facts about Iranian horses:

  • The Caspian horse of Northern Iran is thought to be the oldest breed of horse in the world, dating back to Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Caspian horses only stand between 39 to 47 inches tall, but they’re still considered horses instead of ponies.
  • Kings used to ride Caspian horses into battle.
  • Horses were important enough to Persian culture that they were included in Persian art, folklore, and buried alongside nobles.

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