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In “The Blind Man and the Hunter” from Tales of Wisdom & Wonder, everyone in the village seeks advice from a blind man, except for his brother-in-law, a hunter. The hunter repeatedly turns down the blind man’s offers to accompany him into the forest, because the hunter does not believe that a man who cannot see can be of any use.¬† Tune in to find out what important lesson the hunter learns from his wise brother-in-law, and read on for a chance to win!

The blind man in this West African story warns the hunter about a lion and an elephant in their path. What kinds of animals live near your home? Leave a comment below and you will get a chance to win a copy of Tales of Wisdom & Wonder! The contest closes Tuesday, July 10 at midnight EST and Wednesday, July 11 at 5am GMT.

Here are some fun facts about West Africa:

  • Although the main characters in this story go into the forest to hunt, many people in West Africa fish along the coast for their food.
  • Griots, or historians, have conveyed the oral history of West Africa through music for generations.
  • West African cuisine can be found in the West Indies, Australia, Louisiana, Italy, Haiti¬†and many other locations across the globe.
  • The Sahara Desert borders the northern part of West Africa.

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