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This week’s podcast comes from our anthology Tales from Old Ireland. In “Lusmore and the Faeries,” a man with a hump on his back enchants the faeries of Knockgrafton when he improves upon a song he overhears them singing. As a reward for his creativity and kindness, they remove the hump on his back. Be sure to tune in to see what happens when Jack Madden, a grumpy man, tries to trick the faeries into removing his own hump, and read on for a chance to win!

In today’s podcast, Lusmore and the faeries sing the days of the week. Which day of the week do you like best and why? Let us know in the comments below, and you’ll have a chance to win a copy of Tales from Old Ireland! The contest closes July 24 at midnight EST and July 25 at 5am GMT.

Here are some fun facts about faeries in Ireland:

  • Faeries have been a part of Celtic and European folk lore for many centuries.
  • There are several different types of faeries or faery-like beings in Eupean folk tales, including Leprechauns, Dullahans, Pookas, the Grogoch, Changelings, Banshees and the Merrows.
  • Although Irish faeries can take any form they wish, they usually appear in human form.
  • Unlike the faeries in this story, most Irish faeries bring misfortune to the mortals they meet in their tales.



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