We had it all planned: Miss Clara and her family were visiting Nancy and Marty’s home in Gascony; friends and relations had flown in from far and wide; we would set the table in patriotic red, white and blue, dine outside and watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics being beamed in from London on the tv screen.

But the weather gods had other plans: before we knew it, we were being battered by driving rain. Thunder boomed above us; flashes of lightning ran down the sides of the house. ‘We can do this’, we said to each other, ‘This is just weather’. Hmmm. Within 60 seconds, ‘just weather’ made us change our minds. Operation Olympics Outside In had started: Marty and Dan whisked the television into the kitchen, the rest of us grabbed crockery, cutlery, candles, place mats, food and let the weather gods do what they needed to do. In less than the time it took Peter Pan to befriend Wendy, we had reinvented our evening indoors. The rest of the story belongs to the images from London, with warm thanks to guest photographer Dan Couture, and to Nancy and Marty for carrying on, as ever, undaunted by the storm.

The Lueck kitchen is transformed into a home cinema

Son et Lumiere: from London to Le Tupe, courtesy of Danny Boyle

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