Do you care about good design? I do – and I take myself like a homing pigeon to places where I can find it.

This evening, on my way round my local village, I let my eye be drawn to and delighted by the fifteenth-century design of a stonemason around a cottage window. Last week, at the Wellcome Institute in London, I took a certain pleasure in the design of the entrance foyer; and at Waddesdon Manor, I spent a long time walking around the current ‘House of Cards’ exhibition which has been created by Jacob Rothschild in collaboration with Christie’s as a response to Chardin’s masterpiece of the same name.

So it came as something of a shock to me to learn quite recently that although British design makes a significant contribution to our economy, designers are poorly protected by UK copyright law. It is all too easy for talented designers to find themselves defenceless when unscrupulous others seize on their ideas and replicate them. I have just gone online and signed the e-petition being run by the magazine Elle Decoration to try to change this state of affairs. If you want to do the same, visit

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