The summer months offer a perfect opportunity to put extra doses of fun into reading—especially for kids. Here are five simple ways to make reading fun for this summer:

  1. Ask your child: If you could read anywhere, where would it be? And then take your child to read in that place of their dreams. Tree houses, hammocks, mountaintops, the town pool are all perfect places for escaping with books!
  2. Pack a picnic basket of food…and books! Find a special spot outside, lay out a comfy blanket, open up that picnic basket and delight in good food and books with your children. Take breaks to stare up at the clouds and see what animal shapes you can discover.
  3. Together with your child, create a craft based on a book. Maybe it’s making pig puppets when you read a book about a farmyard, or maybe it’s making a collage that reflects the illustrations in your child’s favorite book. Whatever it is, it’s fun to unleash your family’s creativity through books.
  4. Discover non-fiction with the Summer Olympics coming right up (July 27-August 12), now is a perfect time to teach children about world geography. Take out the World Atlas and learn about the countries of your favorite athletes.
  5. Check out our summer reads, many of them now on sale. We’re excited to be working with JetBlue this summer to help kids learn to love reading, while donating books to children in need. Visit and you can help get books in the hands of children who really need them. Now that’s something you and your family can all feel good about.

How do you make reading fun in the summer?

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