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Today’s podcast comes from our anthology The Barefoot Book of Knights. In “The Knight of the Swan,” Evil Queen Matabrunne dislikes her son’s bride. When her seven grandchildren are born with silver chains around their necks, she realizes that the babies are no ordinary children, and she tries again and again to ensure their demise. Tune in to learn the fate of the children, and read on for a chance to win!

In “The Knight of the Swan,” Hylas, the bravest of the king’s seven children, sets out to save his brothers and sisters. What’s the nicest thing one of your children has done for his or her siblings? Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of The Barefoot Book of Knights! The contest closes July 17 at midnight EST and July 18 at 5am GMT.

Here are some fun facts about swans:

  • Swans are among the largest flying birds.
  • Swans have small jagged “teeth” in their beaks to help catch fish.
  • Many cultures have featured swans in their tales and mythologies, including those of Greece, Scandinavia and Celtic Europe.
  • Swans typically mate for life.


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