Global Sales Associate Taylor Coley and I recently took a trip to sunny Anaheim, California to attend the 2012 American Library Association Annual Conference. It was too great an adventure to embark on alone. So we brought Cleo the Cat along for the ride!

When we got to Anaheim on Friday morning, we found a messy scene waiting for us! They are doing a major renovation to the convention center. But Cleo was unfazed. Just look at that serene smile.

We spend most of the conference at our booth in the exhibit hall. Here’s what the booth looked like when we got there: a big, ugly pile of boxes.

But after a long day of laying down flooring, ironing curtain panels, and merchandising all of our books just so…

Voila! Our gorgeous booth came to life! Check out those big, beautiful banners promoting The Barefoot Books World Atlas and our forthcoming fall title The Adventures of Achilles. And don’t the Independent Readers counterpacks look amazing?

And of course, we had Cleo on hand to help us with greeting visitors.

During the four days of the conference, we met librarians from all over the world. We learned that there are all different kinds of librarians. Public librarians, academic librarians, corporate librarians—even librarians from embassies all over the globe! We met Barefoot Books fans from Nigeria, Indonesia, China, Kenya, Germany, the UK and just about every state in the United States. We even got to meet some little ones living Barefoot!

We had some repeat visitors to the booth who came back with friends to show off the books they’d discovered. When fan Wendy came back a second time to check out our advance copy of The Adventures of Achilles, she said, “This is my favorite booth. This stuff is like candy to me.” I couldn’t help but agree with her!

Susan B. Katz, author of My Mama Earth, stopped in to sign some books for adoring fans. She came dressed in full My Mama Earth regalia and turned many, many heads during her visit!

Our fans were so excited to meet Susan and score a rare signed copy of My Mama Earth!

We even got to meet one very unusual Barefoot fan. He told me he’s just nuts about the Barefoot World Atlas app!

WHEW! After four long days in the booth, we were ready to relax California style with a couple of refreshing beverages in Downtown Disney. You librarians are a handful!

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.


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