I don’t usually blog on Fridays, but then I don’t usually find myself putting on my pyjamas when I get into work, and skidaddling down the road and round the corner to say hello to the Deputy PrimeĀ  Minister. Today was our fundraising day for Cutteslowe Primary School. We were all required by the redoubtable Fiona Ross to put on our best pyjamas and enter into the spirit of things. The children and teachers did the same — but no-one seemed to have got the pyjama piece of the message through to Nick Clegg. Never mind! We were still very excited to meet him and to introduce him to Ruby, to the business and to the Ambassador opportunity. Ruby’s creator, Kathryn White, came along too and did a fabulous job introducing Ruby to the children. And Beth was in overdrive as our official photographer!

Fi, Tessa and Kathryn – Ruby would be proud of us!

‘Good Morning, Mr Clegg!’

‘Why didn’t you tell me I was supposed to be wearing pyjamas?’

From the horse’s mouth: ‘This is a brilliant book!’

‘Look at all the owls!’

The pirates are upon us!

Tessa gives Nick some Barefoot Books goodies for his three boys and tells him about our fundraising activities round and about Oxford and the Ambassador programme.

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