… where the sun shone and the blossom blossomed and we had five days in which to turn twelve square metres into a Barefoot showcase, swap ideas, show new projects to our fellow publishers from the four corners of the world and hear their news too. Meetings, meetings, meetings! We (‘we’ were Sarah, Global Sales Director; Taylor, Global Sales Associate and Tessa, Editor-in-Chief) had a hectic and happy time, enjoying lots of interesting conversations, lapping up ‘la dolce vita’ and restoring ourselves now and then with capuccinos (why do they always taste better in Italy?), panini, and in the evening, a glass or two of local prosecco in the Piazza Maggiore. Delicious.

With the Barefoot World Atlas app newly released and enjoying pride of place as an Apple App of the Week, this property was the star of the show.  So was Robin Hood, the world’s favourite outlaw, and so was Achilles. We also got a great response to our new picture book stars and to our indie readers. Here are some of the highlights of the week:

The stand naked…

…and the stand dressed!

Tessa draws an imaginary dragon for an aspiring illustrator.

Sarah puts Achilles through his paces.

Looking through the Porta Maggiore (an entrance through the city wall, dating from the Middle Ages), down the narrow Strada Maggiore and up to the taller of Bologna’s famous Two Towers.

A busy nighttime scene around the base of the Two Towers, now under restoration.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Coley, Global Sales Associate

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