We hope you enjoy a sampling of our illustrations that celebrate expressions of love and friendship—our way of wishing you a sweet Valentine’s Day from all of us at Barefoot Books.

Take a moment to appreciate the friendships that have shaped you and your treasured memories.

Learn to love each other’s differences.

Don’t assume someone knows you love them. Tell them how you feel. Show them how much they mean to you.

Get caught up in a special moment.

Image Credits:

First image: The Boy Who Grew Flowers, by Jen Wojtowicz, illustrated by Steve Adams, ©2005

Second Image: Someone Like You, compiled by Judith Nicholls, illustrated by Giovanni Manna, ©2000

Third Image: You and Me, written by Stella Blackstone, illustrated by Giovanni Manna, ©2000

Fourth image: Shakespeare’s Storybook, retold by Patrick Ryan, illustrated by James Mayhew, ©2001

Fifth image: Motherbridge of Love, illustrated by Josée Masse, ©2007

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