I don’t remember when I first heard the story of ‘The Snow Queen’ as a child, but as an adult this story continues to exercise a powerful hold on me. The Snow Queen herself is the embodiment of the dark side of feminine energy, rather like the white witch in Narnia. The shattering of the mirror is the fracturing of our childhood innocence, and Gerda’s courage as she heads into the unknown to rescue Kay is a metaphor for all of our journeys from childhood to adulthood.

So it was a great pleasure for me to watch a lively group of local primary school children in Oxford perform their puppet show version of the story in our Studio this week. The children all made their own puppets as well as creating a variety of props. The blizzard was one of many highlights! Here is some of the action, which helped all of us feel swept along towards Christmas. We have just had our first snowfall in north Oxford as well, to add to the spirit of the season. A big thank you and many congratulations to our young puppeteers.

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