I remember the Chanukah when my daughter was three. The markers and stickers and new red dress were enjoyed for a few minutes, but it was the storybook about a pair of mittens that she kept going back to time and time again. She’s nearly ten now and she still loves that story as much as I still love reading it to her. As my daughter revealed, the book lover may grow older, but they never really do grow out of treasured storybooks. Read on to discover eight ways to give books as memorable gifts this season, or anytime of the year.

One of the many reasons why books make such wonderful gifts is that they provide a deeply personal and memorable connection between the gift giver and the recipient. Over on our Facebook page we asked: How do you give books as gifts? The answers are a delightful combination of sentimentality mixed in with some ‘get back to basics’ about snuggling up on cold winter days with a beloved book and a few fun accoutrements.

Here are some of the ways books go out as gifts:

  1. With a homemade blanket
  2. In a basket along with new pajamas, slippers and chocolate treats
  3. With love and a hug!
  4. With a recording of the gift giver’s children reading the stories aloud
  5. With a matching toy for creative play inspired by reading together. Examples include The Real Princess paired with a crown or If You’re Happy and You Know It with the complementary Children of the World Memory Game. Check out the delightful toys from our friends at B. toys for some other fun ideas…how about Starlight Sailor with Fish & Splish or Animal Boogie with Jungle Jam? We carry some B. toys in our Concord Studio and some Djeco toys in our Oxford, UK Studio.
  6. With an inscription in the cover about why the book was chosen especially for the recipient
  7. Siblings select a book to give to each other as presents. This way they won’t have to fight over a new toy and they can enjoy reading time together. It works nicely when an older sibling chooses a book that they can read to their younger sibling!
  8. One family  told us that they give a book to their child every day as a countdown to Christmas. They wrap 24 books and the child opens one a night starting on December 1

How do you give books in your family? Please leave a comment below!

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