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Checkout lines are one thing, but would you brave a seven-headed serpent to give the love of your life the perfect present? This week’s podcast from The Fabrics of Fairytale is based on a Swahili folktale featuring a doting husband who does just that. “The Cloth of the Serpent Pembe Mirui” tells the story of Amadi, a man who takes on a fearsome serpent to win the fabric of his wife’s desire. Tune in to our podcast to see if Amadi can get past seven heads and fourteen eyes, and read on to win!

In “The Cloth of the Serpent Pembe Mirui,” Amadi’s wife longs for remarkable fabric. What special item is on your wish list this year? Let us know by sharing a comment and you will be entered to win a copy of The Fabrics of Fairytale. The contest closes Tuesday, December 6 at midnight EST and Wednesday, December 7 at 5am GMT.

Here are a few fun facts about African textiles:

  • African textiles were first used to create bedding, clothing and wall hangings. As textiles became more sophisticated, they were also used as currency for trading.
  • Handmade looms are still used today in Africa to weave various textiles. The looms are usually handed down from generation to generation.
  • Colors hold different cultural meanings based on village or family affiliations. In some parts of Nigeria, red is a threatening color worn by chiefs to protect them from evil, but it is a sign of accomplishment in other areas.
  • Embroidered textiles display beautiful artwork and can be found throughout Africa.  Usually patterns are drawn onto the fabric and then stitched by hand.
  • Today, African textiles and handmade fabrics are being cut and fashioned into contemporary clothing and home furnishings, including pillows, upholstered furniture, wall hangings, blankets and throws.

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