Our book, Lola’s Fandango, has been generating all sorts of buzz lately, including a coveted starred review from Booklist! It tells a tale of classic sibling rivalry—so who could bring the characters to life better than a real family? Check out our video interview with Rosi, Brian, Alisa and Sonia Amador, the talents behind the voices of Mami, Papi, Clementina and Lola, and learn what it’s like to be a voice actor and how the Amadors are like Lola’s family. Be sure to read on for a Q & A with Rosi and Brian* for more behind-the-scenes details about the narration!

Q: What did you enjoy most about bringing Lola’s Fandango to life?
When we first read Lola’s Fandango, it seemed like the story had been written about our family! Two girls, a bilingual family, flamenco music and dance. I also performed for several years as a guitarist with a flamenco dance company. The story just fits our family dynamic.

Rosi: What I enjoyed most about bringing Lola’s Fandango to life is that as narrator, and as voice actor for several of the adult female characters, I was able to combine my passion for voice acting with the joy of narrating this evocative story with my 15-year-old twin daughters, who have always loved performing, and even danced flamenco when they were little. It could easily have been a true story about us!

Q: What is your favorite part of Lola’s Fandango? Why?
Brian: My favorite part is the scene where Lola is trying to fall asleep and she hears the flamenco rhythms in all the sounds around her: the rain drops on the window, the ticking clock, even car horns honking. I love it because it captures the way a child’s imagination can be completely taken over by a new idea, and it was fun doing the sound effects!

Rosi: My favorite part of the story was when Lola discovers the old box with her mom’s flamenco dress and shoes. It is so evocatively  described by the author [Anna Witte]. Making this discovery opens an entirely new world to Lola and sparks her imagination, seeding her desire to learn flamenco—something she can do that her older sister can’t—something special! It reminded me of when I discovered my mom’s old mechanical typewriter and how magical I thought it was. I still remember it feeling entirely “forbidden,” and when I accidentally hit the carriage return and it bounced around I thought I’d broken it—my heart racing and my fear level rising lest my Mami get upset with me!

Q: If you had to describe your family in only four words, what would they be?
Rosi & Brian: Loving, quirky, creative and loyal

* In addition to being seasoned voice actors, Rosi and Brian Amador lead Sol y Canto, a Pan-Latin musical ensemble. They strive to create music that moves, delights and connects audiences to the richness of Latin American culture. To learn more about them and their award-winning music group, visit their website.


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