We’ve recently had the extraordinary pleasure of working with two organizations that are all about helping kids have fun. Plain and simple. B. toys and Rabbit! Come again, you say? B. toys is a truly phenomenal toy brand created by Gisela Voss, a mom designer with the same focus on imagination, creativity, fun, and giving back to the community as our own mom co-founders, Nancy and Tessa. A few months back, Gisela and her merry team of toymakers introduced us to Rabbit!, the incredibly talented and full-of-life band, whose songs have appeared on SuperBowl commercials, on the Zappos Happiness Bus, and most recently, on the Crayola glow in the dark chalk commercials.

So what does all this have to do with July 15? We’re hosting a Rabbit! concert at our Concord Studio this Friday at 10:30. The band will be giving out ParumPumPum bee maracas from B. toys so families can join in on the musical fun. You can find out more about the free concert here. If you’re in the area, come on down, we promise it will be a great way to spend a summer morning with your family.

If you’re not around at that time, that evening Rabbit! will be performing a special show to support Zumix, a non-profit organization in Boston dedicated to building community through music and the arts.

For those of you outside the Boston area, not to worry. Rabbit! is playing in 44 other cities across the U.S. during their summer tour and they’ll be handing out the bee maracas at every stop. Check out the  schedule here. Rabbit! is touring all over this summer, “to shine a little light on those individuals that, despite the economic circumstances, are still finding a way to provide a creative education and outlet for our nation’s youth,” said band co-founder Ashton Allen

So all this talk about Rabbit! performing in our Studio, along with children shaking and shimmying with the amazing B. maracas got us wondering how can families create musical fun on the fly, in their own home? Read on for tips that our friends at Rabbit! and B. toys shared…

  • Do you have any instruments at your home that you’ve never tried? Go for it!
  • I always think it’s fun to take an instrument that I already play and then utilize the vast expanse of free lessons and tips online to discover a new style/genre that I am not as familiar with…It’s a great way to learn a new musical style…and broaden your repertoire! Here’s the link I like best for playing “delta blues” guitar…it’s awesome.
  • Get some friends and make a band using only what is available in that room as “instruments”…the kitchen is always good!

These tips are from Ashton whose passion for sharing the gift of music is what fuels his desire with his band.

Ashton playing for lucky school children in Florida

And here are some tips from Gisela of B. toys:

  • No rules. No talent required. B. You!
  • Forget what you think you know about music as an adult.
  • Ignore what other grown-ups might perceive as “noise”
  • Brush aside those fears about being “good” at it.  Or doing it the “right” way.
  • B. musical — in whatever way you wish. Anything can be an instrument.
  • Close your eyes (even your ears) and FEEL it.
  • Share. Repeat. Often. Especially with kids.

Gisela playing upside down on the monkey bars at home

How do you create musical fun in your family? Please share your tips below. Thanks and we hope to see some of you on July 15th!

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