Thank you all for the enthusiastic response to our recent Over in the Meadow video. We were so inspired by your comments that we thought we’d keep the fun going, so today we’re excited to share with you the latest video in our collection. Treat yourself and the young music-lovers in your life to a round-the-world flyaway adventure and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Effervescent and multi-talented Susan Reed is the composer, arranger and performer of Up, Up, Up. She is also the talent behind the Over in the Meadow song. Artist Rachel Oldfield has brought the story to life with a fantastic sequence of aerial perspectives on the world.

We asked Susan to share five fun things about the creation of Up, Up, Up. Here they are, in her words…

  1. My two daughters are singing on the CD/video with me. When we record in the studio, their favorite thing to do is to ask the engineer to turn on the “reverb” so they can sing into the microphone and hear their voice echoing. They laugh and laugh and laugh.
  2. Up,Up,Up is fully orchestrated and comes with choral parts too. I sang this song with the New Albany Symphony Orchestra in Columbus, Ohio this past year. It was a big hit!
  3. My favorite line in the song is “I taste the cold, I touch the air, I am the sky.” I just love that image.
  4. I love seeing my songs turn into books and enjoy the process of seeing another artist’s interpretation of my words and music. The team did such a great job.
  5. Riding in a hot air balloon is high up on my list of things to do.

If you’re looking for more fun videos, have a look at our YouTube channel. We have a nice library now, with more on the way!

Note to Dads: For all of you amazing Dads and Grand Dads out there, we hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday. Please enjoy this tune with your family as our little gift to you.

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