Our busy, beautiful new word book, My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words, offers a beautifully modern depiction of the world our children experience every day. When deciding which scenes to include in the book, we chose not to reprise familiar children’s book settings like a circus or a supermarket, and instead decided to focus on creating settings that are true to the values of our community, like a library and a farmer’s market.

Of all the fairy tale characters, that of the princess has a special potency for girls. Taken symbolically, the princess archetype is not about material privilege or social status — it’s about self-esteem and personal power. The little girl who is in touch with her inner princess has a head start in life — always providing that this inner princess models the qualities that she needs as she moves from the protection and safety of home to navigate the complexities and challenges of the wider world.

Have you ever wanted to explore space? Now you can with our latest activity sheet! Our astronaut activity sheet gives little ones the chance to join in the fun of Space Song Rocket Ride by drawing themselves into a space suit and rocket ship. When your creations are complete, explore space together by reading and singing our latest singalong!

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Our newest singalong, Space Song Rocket Ride, launched into orbit last month! We hope Barefoot readers will love discovering amazing space facts about space, while enjoying David Sim’s clever, fun and inventive illustrations, singing the irresistible song and watching the rocket zoom through the stars in the animation.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day that doesn’t involve walking the plank? Give our Pirate Puzzle Scavenger Hunt a try! Read on me hearties…

We are so proud and pleased that My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words is finally here! This great big beauty took more than three years to develop — far longer than the typical Barefoot Books title. What took us so long, you ask? Come along and we’ll show you how we created this complex book!

We all know those daily events that serve as epic battle grounds for parent-child contests of will: getting dressed and out of the house, drop-off at daycare or school, toileting, dinner time and bedtime. (Hey, that sounds like all day!) You may notice special difficulties kicking up around each of these “trigger times” in the autumn. Each of these daily events represents some kind of transition, and when they are experiencing larger changes in their lives, children can feel an increased need for control around these smaller daily transitions. Whether your child is in a school programme or not, autumn usually brings about a change of pace along with the change of the seasons.

This summer we released our very first wordless book, Out of the Blue. This seaside adventure, beautifully illustrated by Allison Jay, has prompted many people to ask, “How do I use a wordless book?” Luckily, our Ambassadors are here to help! Saffron Team Leader Laurie Mattaliano wrote this post on her team’s blog Footnotes that will let you in on the wonders of a wordless book:

One of the things that sets Barefoot Books apart from other publishers is our fantastic list of books in Spanish. Ambassador Jennifer Bennett discovered us for just that reason, and wrote this great blog post over at Footnotes about using Spanish books in an English-speaking home:

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Although there’s never a bad time to host a Barefoot Party, summer is a particularly great time to gather your family and friends for a fabulous few hours of stories, crafts and fun. So we talked to hosting extraordinaire Ambassador Dena Davis to learn about what makes hosting a Barefoot Party so unique. Working out of Maine, Dena has been with Barefoot Books for almost seven years and as one of our Turquoise Leaders works with and inspiring entrepreneurial women all over the country. Take it away, Dena!